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City of Allentown

  •   State: 
    Lehigh County
      County FIPS: 
    40°36′06″N 75°28′38″W
      Area total: 
    17.99 sq mi
      Area land: 
    17.56 sq mi (45.49 km²)
      Area water: 
    0.44 sq mi (1.15 km²)
    338 ft (103 m)
    Settled 1751 ( 1751 )
  •   Latitude: 
      Dman name cbsa: 
    Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton, PA-NJ
    Eastern Standard Time (EST) UTC-5:00; Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) UTC-4:00
      ZIP codes: 

    Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, United States

  •   Population: 
      Population density: 
    7,164.94 residents per square mile of area (2,766.35/km²)
      Household income: 
      Unemployment rate: 
  •   Sales taxes: 
      Income taxes: 

Allentown is located 48 miles (77 km) north of Philadelphia and 78 miles (126 km) west of New York City. Allentown was founded in 1762 and is the county seat of Lehigh County. It is the fastest-growing major city in Pennsylvania and the state's third largest city, behind Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The city is located on the Lehigh River, a 109-mile-long (175 km) tributary of the Delaware River. It was the 68th most populous metropolitan area in the U.S. as of 2020, with a population of 861,899. In 1811, the town was formally incorporated as the borough of Northampton Towne. On March 6, 1812, James Allen built a summer residence, Trout Hall, in the new town center near the site of his father's hunting lodge. The town was named after Allen's son-in-law, James Hamilton, and his business partner, Joseph Turner. In 1763, an effort was made to move the county center from Easton to AllentOWN, but the influence of the Penns prevailed, and Easton was retained as county seat. The original plan for the town, detailed in archives now housed at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, included 42 city blocks and 756 lots, most 60 feet (18 m) in width and 230 feet (70m) in depth. Many streets on the original plan were named for Allen's children, including Margaret (present-day Fifth Street), William (now Sixth), James (now Eighth), Ann (now Ninth), and John (now Walnut).


Allentown is the primary city name, but also Wescosville are acceptable city names or spellings. The official name is City of Allentown. Allentown was originally laid out as Northampton Towne in 1762 by William Allen, a wealthy shipping merchant, former mayor of Philadelphia, and chief justice of the colonial-era Province of Pennsylvania. In 1763, an effort was made to move the county seat from Easton to Allentown, but the influence of the Penns prevailed. The town was formally incorporated on March 18, 1811, as the borough of Northamptontowne. On March 6, 1812, Lehigh County was formed from the western half of North.ampton County. On December 21, 1774, a Committee of American patriots was formed by local patriots for Northampton County Observation for the American Revolutionary War. On April 16, 1838, the town was officially renamed AllentOWN. The city's main thoroughfare, Allen Street (now Seventh), was named for Allen himself and James Hamilton, the deputy governor of Colonial Pennsylvania from 1726 to 1736. The original plan for the town, detailed in archives now housed at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, included 42 city blocks and 756 lots, most 60 feet (18 m) in width and 230 feet (70m) in depth. The first resistance to British colonialism led to the first resistance of the American revolutionary War, in and around present day Allenttown. The area was a wilderness of scrub oak where Native American Lenape tribes fished for trout and hunted for deer, grouse, and other game in the early 1700s.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 18.0 square miles (46.6 km²) Most of the city is land, with 0.2 square miles of it being water. Bodies of water include Jordan Creek and its tributary, Little Lehigh Creek, which join within the city limits and empty into the Lehigh River. Allentown's tallest building is the PPL Building at 322 feet (98 m) The city's West End is a mix of commercial corridors, cultural centers, and larger single-family residences. The PPL Center, an 8,641-seat indoor arena, opened in August 2014. The Lehigh Valley Phantoms of the American Hockey League play their home games at the arena, which is located in the city's Center City area. The Phantoms are a member of the National Hockey League, which also has a team in Bethlehem, the Bethlehem Steel Steelers, and the Bethlehem Shoe Club. The city is located between two Appalachian mountain ridges, Blue Mountain and South Mountain, about 17 miles (27 km) north and south of each other. Adjacent counties include Carbon County to the north, Northampton County to northeast and east, Bucks County to southeast, Montgomery County to south, and Berks County and Schuylkill County to west. The area is also home to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which was founded in 1877. The Lukemia and lymphoma Society was founded by a group of doctors who were inspired by the discovery of the Holy Grail in the 14th century.


Allentown's center city neighborhoods include Victorian and terraced rowhomes. West Park includes mostly Victorian and American Craftsman-style architecture. Houses in the city's East Side and South Side are a mixture of architectural styles and are generally single and twin family homes built between the 1940s and 1960s. Allentown has many loft apartments in converted mills and historic brick manufacturing buildings and modern and historic high-rise apartment buildings in Center City. Miller Symphony Hall, at 23 North 6th Street, opened in 1896. It is the premier performing arts facility with 1,100 seats and home of the AllentOWN Symphony Orchestra. The structure was converted to a theater in 1899 by the architectural firm J. B. McElfatrick and later renamed the Lyric Theater. It has been used for burlesque shows, vaudeville, silent films, symphony orchestras, and other entertainment for over a century. The building has been illuminated at night since its 1928 opening and, in clear weather, can be seen from as far north as the Blue Mountain Ski Area. Exterior shots of the PPL Building appear in the 1954 motion picture Executive Suite. The city has three primary historic districts: Old Allenttown, the Old Fairgrounds, and West Park. Old Allentedown and Old Fairground are Center City neighborhoods that hold a joint house tour organized by the Old Allentingown Preservation Association (OAPA) annually each September. West park also offers a tour of its Victorian and Craftsmen-style homes.


Allentown falls under the USDA 6b Plant Hardiness zone, now 7a under the 1991 to 2020 climate normals mean minimum. Summers are typically warm and muggy, fall and spring are generally mild, and winter is cool to cold. February is generally the driest month with only 2.77 inches (70 mm) of average precipitation. Average snowfall is 33.1 inches (84 cm) seasonally with February receiving the highest snowfall at just below 11 inches (280 mm) Rainfall is generally spread throughout the year with eight to twelve wet days per month at an average annual rate of 43.5 inches (110.5 cm) The highest temperature on record was 105 °F (41 °C) on July 3, 1966. January temperatures average below freezing, seven months average above 50 °C (10 °C,), and two months average below 22 °C (71.6 °F) Allentown is located on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, which runs from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. It is located near the Pennsylvania-Rhode Island border and is on the Lehigh River. The town's elevation is 1,856 feet (518 meters) above sea level. It has a humid subtropical climate (Cfa) under the Köppen climate classification. The average temperature in January is 30.1°F (1.1 °C), and the lowest officially-recorded temperature was 15 °F on January 21, 1994. July averages 75.6 °C (24.2°F).


Crime in Allentown diminished for a fourth consecutive year. The decline was led by a 31 percent drop in homicides (from 13 to 9) Motor vehicle theft fell 11 percent. Burglary was down 6 percent. Reported robberies, rapes, and property crimes also fell offset by increases in cases of aggravated assault and arson. The number of violent crimes fell more than 30 percent between 2006 and 2010. The city has experienced sporadic gang-related crime and violence. On June 20, 2019, two rival gangs, the Bloods and Latin Kings, ten people were shot when the two gangs exchanged gun fire outside the Deja Vu nightclub on Hamilton Street. The Bloods were the aggressors and the Latin Kings were the victims, according to the city's police chief. The two gangs have been feuding for years and have a long history of violence in the city. The bloods have been involved in several violent incidents in the past, including the shooting of a man in 2012. The Latin Kings have been responsible for at least one fatal shooting in recent years, in which a man and a woman were shot in the back of the head in front of a crowd of about 100 people. The victim was taken to a local hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect was later released from the hospital and the victim's family was notified of the incident. The police chief said the victim was not the intended target of the shooting and that the incident was not related to gang activity.


As of the 2020 U.S. census, there were 125,845 people residing in Allentown. As of 2010, the city had 42,032 households, including 28.8% with children under age 18, 39.4% who were married couples living together, 15.1% who had a female householder with no husband present, and 40.2% who are non-families. The city's average household size is 2.42 and the average family size is 3.09. The median income for a household in the city was $32,016, and the medianincome for a family was $37,356. The unemployment rate for the entire Lehigh Valley area is 9.8%. As of February 2010, AllentOWN's unemployment rate was slightly higher at over 10%. The city is located on the Lehigh River, which runs through the city's downtown area. It is one of the few cities in the state to have a large percentage of its population living in the suburbs. The population of the city is expected to rise to 125,000 by the end of the 20th century. It has a population density of 6,011.5 inhabitants per square mile (2,320.8/km²) There are 45,960 housing units at an average density of 2,591.1 per squaremile (1,000.3/ km²) The city has a median age of 34 years. For every 100 females, there are 91.8 males. For each 100 females age 18 and over, there is 87.7 males.


Allentown historically was a hub for the nation's earliest industrialization and heavily manufacturing-based. Beginning in the late 20th century, the city's economy evolved into a more service-oriented one. The city is corporate headquarters for several large companies, including Air Products, Talen Energy, PPL Corporation, and others. The largest employer in Allentown, as of 2007, is Lehigh Valley Health Network with over 7,800 employees. In October 2006, The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley opened south of AllentOWN in Upper Saucon Township. Lehigh County HospitalCedar Crest is the third largest in Pennsylvania with 877 licensed beds and 46 operating rooms. In 2007, the number of people living in the city was 1.2 million, up from 1.1 million in 2000. The number of jobs was up from 7,000 in 2000 to 7,200 in 2007. The average household income is $50,000. The unemployment rate is 3.7%. The average house price is $40,000, up from $35,000 in 2000. In 2006, the unemployment rate was 3.8%. The city has a population of 1.3 million. The economy is based on manufacturing, but it is also based on services such as health care, education, and finance. It is one of the most densely populated cities in the United States. It has the third-largest economy in Pennsylvania, behind Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Arts, culture, and recreation

Allentown is home to Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, one of the nation's largest amusement and water parks. The city has a collection of public sculptures, including the DaVinci Horse, located on 5th Street. The Allentown Band, the oldest civilian concert band in the nation, regularly performs at the bandshell in the city's West Park. Nineteenth Street Theater has an 80-plus year history of producing theater in the Lehigh Valley. Foodstuffs such as scrapple, chow-chow, Lebanon bologna, cole slaw, and apple butter are often found in local diners and the AllentOWN Farmer's Market. Yocco's Hot Dogs, a regionally well-known hot dog and cheesesteak establishment with four area locations, was founded in 1922 by Theodore Iacocca, uncle of former Chrysler chairman and president Lee IacOCca. A-Treat Bottling Company has been based in Allenttown since its 1918 founding. The Great Allentrow Fair runs annually the end of August and early September on the grounds of the Allenown Fairgrounds on North 17th Street, where it has been held continuously since 1889. The Soldiers and Sailors March is held annually in May at the Seventh and Hamilton Streets in Center City and honors the soldiers and volunteer soldiers of the Le high Valley. The Lehigh County Blues Festival, a blues festival launched in 2014, is held each May, and is held on the campus of Cedar Crest College.


Allentown and its surrounding Lehigh Valley region are known for the high quality of its high school-level athletics. The region has been the starting ground for a considerable number of professional and Olympic-level athletes. Allentown-based professional and amateur teams include: Cedar Crest College and Muhlenberg College. The city is also home to the Parkettes National Gymnastics Training Center, which has been a training ground for numerous Olympians and U.S. national gymnastics champions. All three high schools play their home football games at the 15,000 capacity J. Birney Crum Stadium at 2027 Linden Street, the second largest high school stadium in the state. The Lehigh valley IronPigs are the Triple-A Minor League affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies, who play at Coca-Cola Park, a $50.25 million, 8,200-seat stadium. The Pennsylvania ValleyDawgs of the now defunct United States Basketball League played their home games at William Allen High School for the totality of the league's existence from 1999 to 2006. The City is home to two professional soccer teams, the Pennsylvania Stoners (2007-2009) and Northampton Laurels (2005-2008) The city also has the primary development team for the Philadelphia Flyers, the Lehigh Valley Phantoms, who compete in the American Hockey League and play at PPL Center, an 8,500-seat indoor arena opened in 2014 in Center City. The.

Air Quality, Water Quality, Superfund Sites & UV Index

The Air Quality index is in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania = 16.4. These Air Quality index is based on annual reports from the EPA. Higher values are better (100=best). The number of ozone alert days is used as an indicator of air quality, as are the amounts of seven pollutants including particulates, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, lead, and volatile organic chemicals. The Water Quality Index is 41. A measure of the quality of an area’s water supply as rated by the EPA. Higher values are better (100=best). The EPA has a complex method of measuring the watershed quality, using 15 indicators such as pollutants, turbidity, sediments, and toxic discharges. The Superfund Sites Index is 10. Higher is better (100=best). Based upon the number and impact of EPA Superfund pollution sites in the county, including spending on the cleanup efforts. The UV Index in Allentown = 3.8 and is a measure of an area's exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. This is most often a combination of sunny weather, altitude, and latitude. The UV Index has been defined by the WHO ( and is uniform worldwide.


The most recent city population of 125,845 individuals with a median age of 35.5 age the population grows by 0.98% in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania population since 2000 and are distributed over a density of 7,164.94 residents per square mile of area (2,766.35/km²). There are average 2.43 people per household in the 42,073 households with an average household income of $35,372 a year. The unemployment rate in Alabama is 12.50% of the available work force and has dropped -4.50% over the most recent 12-month period and the projected change in job supply over the next decade based on migration patterns, economic growth, and other factors will increase by 18.50%. The number of physicians in Allentown per 100,000 population = 310.9.


The annual rainfall in Allentown = 42 inches and the annual snowfall = 25.2 inches. The annual number of days with measurable precipitation (over .01 inch) = 121. The average number of days per year that are predominantly sunny = 201. 86 degrees Fahrenheit is the average daily high temperature for the month of July and 24.4 degrees Fahrenheit is the average daily low temperature for the month of January. The Comfort Index (higher=better) is 48, where higher values mean a more pleasant climate. The Comfort Index measure recognizes that humidity by itself isn't the problem. (Have you noticed nobody ever complains about the weather being 'cold and humid?) It's in the summertime that we notice the humidity the most, when it's hot and muggy. Our Comfort Index uses a combination of afternoon summer temperature and humidity to closely predict the effect that the humidity will have on people.

Median Home Cost

The percentage of housing units in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania which are owned by the occupant = 48.79%. A housing unit is a house, apartment, mobile home, or room occupied as separate living quarters. The average age of homes = 58 years with median home cost = $94,450 and home appreciation of -8.81%. This is the value of the years most recent home sales data. Its important to note that this is not the average (or arithmetic mean). The median home price is the middle value when you arrange all the sales prices of homes from lowest to highest. This is a better indicator than the average, because the median is not changed as much by a few unusually high or low values. The property tax rate of $18.17 shown here is the rate per $1,000 of home value. If for simplification for example the tax rate is $14.00 and the home value is $250,000, the property tax would be $14.00 x ($250,000/1000), or $3500. This is the 'effective' tax rate.


The local school district spends $5,700 per student. There are 17.9 students for each teacher in the school, 985 students for each Librarian and 435 students for each Counselor. 5.43% of the area’s population over the age of 25 with an Associate Degree or other 2-year college degree, 10.18% with a master’s degree, Ph.D. or other advanced college degree and 5.41% with high school diplomas or high school equivalency degrees (GEDs).

  • Allentown's population in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania of 35,416 residents in 1900 has increased 3,55-fold to 125,845 residents after 120 years, according to the official 2020 census.

    Approximately 51.57% female residents and 48.43% male residents live in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

    As of 2020 in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania are married and the remaining 51.16% are single population.

  • 23.4 minutes is the average time that residents in Allentown require for a one-way commute to work. A long commute can have different effects on health. A Gallup poll in the US found that in terms of mental health, long haul commuters are up to 12 percent more likely to experience worry, and ten percent less likely to feel well rested. The Gallup poll also found that of people who commute 61­–90 minutes each day, a whopping one third complained of neck and back pain, compared to less than a quarter of people who only spend ten minutes getting to work.

    71.31% of the working population which commute to work alone in their car, 14.43% of the working population which commutes to work in a carpool, 3.84% of the population that commutes using mass transit, including bus, light rail, subway, and ferry. 1.91% of the population that has their home as their principal place of work.

  • Of the total residential buildings in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, 48.79% are owner-occupied homes, another 43.53% are rented apartments, and the remaining 7.68% are vacant.

  • The 54.80% of the population in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania who identify themselves as belonging to a religion are distributed among the following most diverse religions.

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